Brand Development: Freeland Photography

Client: Freeland Photography
Agency: dco strategic branding
Scope: Logo, print, interactive, advertising, signage and consulting

Understanding the problems that small business owners face is vital to being able to provide solid solutions through design. Good design is essentially about problem solving.

A universal problem plaguing professional wedding photographers is that the market is utterly saturated with amateurs who are perceived as professionals by the market (namely, brides). Many of these amateurs are very gifted – however, talent alone is not enough. A professional wedding photographer not only has to possess the raw talent for the job and the years of experience it requires to develop the craft, but also will have spent time creating a network of like-minded, skilled and trusted professionals who can be called upon in an emergency. In addition, a true professional has cultivated relationships with vendors and event coordinators, and is able to offer invaluable words of wisdom which can help to ensure that the special day will go as planned, even when potential tribulations arise. A seasoned professional makes the most of difficult situations and lighting conditions, and ultimately delivers magazine-quality images time after time without fail.

Wedding photography studios across the country are perennially complaining about losing market share to amateurs, and the same was true for my client. We needed to act quickly in order to set Freeland apart as the seasoned professionals that he and his staff are — and provide some much needed education for his audience. We started with a complete visual communications makeover — a new logo which more accurately reflected his business, a positioning statement, website, business cards, advertising, sell sheets, brochures, postcards, trade show booth — the works.

I recommended that my client write “5 Tips To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer” as a free educational piece — a sort of good natured wake-up call to brides.  The article was published in several print pieces as well as online, and our client reported an immediate improvement in sales as a result.

Our efforts to develop the brand and increase awareness along with the remarkable services provided by the client worked together nicely in establishing Freeland Photography as one of the premiere wedding photography studios in the country, as reported by The Knot. The client’s business grew to the point that they were eventually able to relocate their studio to one of the fastest growing areas in the KC Metro. Mr. Freeland’s immense vision and drive gave legs to the new brand.



A bit of ad copy writing.




Full disclosure: This ad concept never ran in a print publication, but the image is so unique and strong. Often the job of the designer is to stay out of the way of great imagery.


Magazine ad.


Magazine ad.


Magazine ad.

5 Tips article published in the client's brochure

5 Tips article published in the client’s brochure

Other printed materials

Other printed materials

Website design

Website design

My client also does a lot of studio work including portraits. This is a mailer focusing on senior portraits.

This client also does a lot of studio work including portraits. These are mailers focusing on senior portraits.

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