Curriculum Workbook

Client: Ancient bridge publishing
Agency: dco strategic branding
Scope: cover design / complete layout

Written by the client:

We all have our own unique skillset, and having finished the writing process I came face to face with the limitations of mine. The process by which I had formatted my previous books wasn’t going to cut it and so I turned to David (dco strategic branding).

I needed something sharp and professional enough to appeal to the very astute and demanding market of homeschooling Christians. David worked with me tirelessly, hearing me out and never deviating from what I wanted to do. David knew best, but he recognized that the vision and the product belonged ultimately to me. Having given him a general outline of my goals, he searched out related graphics and together we worked to come up with a final product that really was beyond my wildest expectations. David’s work is clean and not needlessly complicated – I have worked with people in the past who were so eager to show off their skills that the product itself got lost in the attempt to dazzle.

David was faithful in soliciting my feedback, and in addition he created a system that we can work with in the future so that we will not be re-inventing the wheel. The cover color scheme can be modified for volume differentiation, and future writings can simply be downloaded into the existing format that he created from scratch — he even used completely different typography for the main text, homework and vocabulary for easy reference.

I am looking forward to working with David again soon.

print-context-for-kids-1 print-context-for-kids-2


© Ancient Bridge Publications. Used by permission.